Kroeger's Female Balance An herbal complement directed at keeping and maintaining electromagnetic balance for the ever-changing woman. 1-800-450-0216

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Female Balance

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Kroeger Herb Circu Flow 270 caps - Retail $30.39
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Kroeger Herb Wormwood Kit 5 piece - Retail $49.99
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Kroeger Herb Rascal 100 caps - Retail $11.19
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Kroeger Herb Olive Leaf 100 caps Retail $12.69
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Kroeger Herb Wormwood Combination 350 mg 100 caps Retail $10.99
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Kroeger Herb Female Balance 100 caps - Retail $11.99
Our Price $6.25
Kroeger Herb Cranberry 18% Standardized 90 caps - Retail $15.19
Our price $7.90
Recommended Usage: 2 caps. 2 times daily between meals.

Ingredients: Black Cohosh, Anise Seed, Yellow Dock, Ginger Root

Female Balance is a herbal complement directed at keeping and maintaining electromagnetic balance for the ever-changing woman. Most modern women suffer from one sort of menstrual imbalance or another and many experience particular difficulties during menopause. Few are aware that there are numerous herbs worldwide that have been used for centuries for female complaints that may have benefits for them, according to traditional folk herbalism as well as modern research. In this regard, Female Balance is a fantastic energetically balanced combination for general daily use in women's health regimens.

Black Cohosh is one of the great female herbs in traditional folk herbalism, with a historical reputation for benefits in menstrual and menopause problems. Modern research has taken a great interest in these effects particularly for menopause and it is currently widely prescribed by physicians in Germany for regulating the female reproductive cycle. It is also widely employed by homeopaths for female complaints.

Yellow Dock and Ginger are multi-purpose tonic herbs that have a long history of use for women's cycle complaints as well, and provide additional benefits in internal cleansing while regulating digestion and elimination. Holistic Naturopathic philosophy notes that Yellow Dock may be of benefit for poor blood quality by beneficially impacting iron metabolism.

Anise has a folklore reputation for relieving spasming that often accompanies menstruation, harmonizing digestion and supporting healthy elimination. Many of these herbs are credited with benefits for the liver in traditional herbalism. In this system of healing, the liver is thought to have an important regulatory action on blood flow, quality and circulation to the extremities as well as regulating hormone levels during the varying phases of the monthly cycle and in menopause.
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