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 :: Digest Aids - Cleanse - Detox :: Detoxification ::  7 Lights Beet Red Pure Beet Root Juice Powder 5.3 oz

7 Lights Beet Red Pure Beet Root Juice Powder 5.3 oz
 7 Lights Beet Red Pure Beet Root Juice Powder 5.3 oz 
Weight0.40 lbs
Package Description 5.3 oz.
Serving Size 1 scoop (5g)
Number of Servings 30
Manufacturer 7 Lights
UPC 1301100127
Price: $24.95


Quantity:  3+ Items 
Price: $23.95

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7 Lights Pure Beetroot Juice Powder 5.3 oz

RED 100% pure beetroot juice powder is one of the most powerful nutrient dense vegetable juice tonics available for overall human health.

Beetroots are a great source of potent nutrients, including rich alkaline elements. Betacyanin is the pigment that gives beets its deep red color and has been proven to have powerful antioxidant properties. BEET RED is the closest and purest alternative there is to fresh made beetroot juice, which is often difficult to make and can be quite messy. We use only the finest beetroot juice available and with our special low temperature processing, virtually nothing is lost in the conversion from liquid to powder.

BEET RED contains no additives, fillers or binders.

Mix 1 scoop thoroughly with water. May also be mixed with carrot juice or other vegetable juice.

Nothing else compares to beetroot juice as it detoxifies the body faster and better than almost any other vegetable juice on planet earth. Beetroot juice is well known for its medicinal qualities and rejuvenating heath benefits, yet few people include it in their daily diet. The truth is it should be a staple, especially considering how unhealthy and toxic the vast majority of people are. Juicing enthusiasts who make their own fresh vegetable juice often leave beets out because they are difficult to cut up and fit into a juicer and they are quite messy.
Here are just a few of the many benefits of Beetroot Juice:
Beetroot Juice Is A Powerful Liver Cleanser
The cleansing virtues of beetroot juice for liver toxicity or bile ailments such as jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis or other liver related disorders would be considered miraculous to many. Beetroot juice is extremely powerful, as anyone who has a dirty liver and drinks a cup of it can attest too. Anyone looking to incorporate a detox regimen to their diet should definitely include beetroot juice. Beetroot juice works  incredibly well at pulling out toxins. Beetroot juice contains a chemical called betaine that stimulates the liver cells and protects the liver and bile ducts. It also helps build red corpuscles in the blood and oxygenates the blood and cells like few other food substances do.

Beetroot Juice Can Help Lower Blood Pressure
Reports show that drinking just two cups of beetroot juice on a regular basis can help eliminate
high blood pressure and maintain normal blood pressure levels. Since it contains good amounts of folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and silica, beetroot juice can help lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy. A 2008 study revealed that within three hours of drinking 500 milliliters (about 17 ounces) of beetroot juice, volunteers showed a significant decrease in blood pressure. What's more, that drop in blood pressure was sustained for up to 24 hours after the juice was consumed. The study's authors suggest that nitrate—a nutrient found in green, leafy vegetables in addition to beets—may be responsible for beetroot juice's blood-pressure-lowering effects.

Beetroot Juice Cleanses The Digestive System
Anyone suffering from intestinal related disorders will notice immediate results from drinking beetroot juice. The effects are similar to a colonic as it usually triggers a healthy bowel movement within a few hours or less after consuming a glass of it. In fact, beetroot juice is so potent that it actually turns your urine and stools slightly red in color. First time users often mistake this for blood but the effects are harmless and should not cause alarm. This is just further evidence of how beetroot juice so thoroughly invades almost every area of the body and goes to work rebuilding and cleaning it up. Beetroot juice improves the
digestive health and metabolism . It aids in easy digestion of food, especially fat digestion and also stimulates the nerves in the intestine.


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